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 Airlines fifa 15 coins aircraft taking off

For the advent of the World Cup, Sao Paulo Guarulhos airport, specially-built a stunning luxury airport terminal. However, until now, there are only 8 airlines. Planned should have 25 Airlines fifa 15 coins aircraft taking off and landing here in another host city Belo Horizonte airport, at the opening of the World Cup, most of the places still surrounded by scaffolding, Sao Paulo Corinthians Stadium around the dusty arena before the game as the World Cup has not been completed, test only 40,000 fans before the game to be held on May 18 could appear on the scene, Far less than the June 12 World Cup first race of 68,000 people in the Curitiba Municipal Stadium's Media Center can't help service for the World Cup that journalists can only squeeze in a lift in a tent.

On May 20, 2005, at the invitation of FIFA President Sepp Blatter, while Yue Changzhi municipal Committee, Deputy Secretary to lead a reporter from Zibo linzi, Zibo birthplace football delegation of Switzerland participate in the closing ceremony of the centennial celebration of the establishment of FIFA in Zurich, was warmly welcomed by FIFA and the Football Association head on five continents. Become the heroine of Chinese football, FIFA sings "is the home of football in China, China Zibo birthplace linzi is" theme, and FIFA officials out, hear reports on delegation from origin football, linzi Zibo birthplace as world soccer, has been widely recognized in world football and praised. Cuju football football is an ancient sport, has now become the world's largest ball games.

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