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 Date du message : 13/01/2015
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  Argentina fifa 15 coins superstar recently in Spain

FIFA's annual award ceremony has been in the past two weeks, but surrounding Cristiano Ronaldo won the Golden Ball award, Bailey won the Golden Ball fifa 15 coins award topic isn't over yet. Argentina superstar recently in Spain said in a media interview, Macy's continues to be the world's first, and Bailey will always be compared to him second, unlike Pele, was invited to travel to Zurich to attend the 13th of this month's FIFA awards ceremony and received a Golden Globe Award, Maradona has not been asked to attend the award ceremony. Maradona told the daily sports newspaper interview, Ronaldo and Pele award about his views, "I would like to congratulate Cristiano Ronaldo, and he seems to have won, but Messi sidelined for two months late last year, it didn't win. Yesterday at around 7, hejiang County, Luzhou city since scenic territory of the xianlongcun torrent, and out of area bridges were flooded, 147 people were trapped. As of yesterday at 17 o'clock, evacuations of trapped people. The torrent outbreaks, total 11 car car, and 2 car motorcycle was flood rushed go, which has 9 car car is visitors vehicles this Ming two days, Mianyang, and Guangyuan, and deyang, and Chengdu, and ya, and Leshan, and Meishan, and Pakistan, and Nanchong, and Suining, and Ziyang 11 city has in the to rain, local place has storm. today, basin each city day Supreme temperature 27 30, tomorrow also will further cooling..

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