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 Date du message : 28/01/2015
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 Blatter against goal-line technology

Due to the World Cup and the fifa coins xbox one European Cup have appeared on line grievance, FIFA President Sepp Blatter against goal-line technology has changed his attitude. In addition to those already in use outside the game, if the time and the maturity of the technology, of goal-line technology will be used in two thousand thirteen-two thousand fourteenths season in the Premier League. To not let machine replaced referee of work, FIFA also said used door line technology, only for help referee made fined, and not directly on behalf of referee made fined, referee always retained eventually of decided right but Europe AFC Platini still insisted against FIFA of decided, he just support FIFA in game in the joined two name bottom line referee of decided and in FIFA announced this a news zhihou, most fans said support, think early the introduced this items technology, can maximum degree avoid appeared miscalculation reduced regrets. Then, bigger, more eggs in the "Star choice", the Harry Winston redefines the jeweller's deal or no deal in Geneva this Rooster clucked and ran to Blatter's daughter Colleen, while she was in when chuanputazhong v Avenue luxury apartments, accurate, New York limousine service company's Bill is paid by the father and the chicken that lays the golden eggs. Almost like a fairy tale, like all because Dad can divert FIFA's bottomless pit of Rooster's owner as the self-proclaimed world football biggest guy or someone fed the chickens, after all, money is not white. President Blatter also occasionally due to some personal projects to spend the money to FIFA, but it was not until December 30, 1999, he still has not paid his long overdue accounts.

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