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 Blatter\'s voice eventually fifa coins

Velappan proposed himself to Sepp Blatter's voice eventually, on June 1, 2001 in Bangkok the lottery used AFC's original grouping principle, while the Chinese team were "a favourable draw", with the U.A.E., and Uzbekistan, and Qatar and Oman in the same group, and eventually fifa coins first entered the World Cup finals as group. Of course in the national team after the World Cup finals only once in 44 years, Jin forces, not all Chinese people are so happy, for example, Nan Yong, Head Football Association Vice President Nan Yong, found in the bestowal of after winning the World Cup, media and fans will be Zhang Jilong "magic smoke" as the elder brother. Can't Hold Nan Yong under after winning his overseers of their national soccer team's World Cup qualifying team information about 18 months selling to the professional news media, to prove that he is the team's World Cup qualification who reputedly in early 2002, Zhang Jilong was exposed within the General Administration of sport news of the investigation.

Police have arrested 10 suspects in connection with this, according to police, lamingfufana discount ticket network operating income every day 1 million Brazilian real (300,000 euros), he was suspected of get "assign ticket"--FIFA national associations and players are people assigned tickets. According to a report in the Folha de s. Paulo, a former Brazil internationals Carlos Dunga, runiaoerbayanuo, kaluosiaibote also be subpoenaed to testify, reports also referred to Ronaldinho's brother, luoboteaxisi newspaper news came out, neymar neymar, NR sports brokerage company has denied his father involved. "We are fed up, these are baseless rumors, but help the newspaper sales, they've overstepped the line.

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