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In Beijing yesterday evening cheap fifa 15 coins in the Premier League, United's 2-0 win over West Bromwich Albion at home, successfully scored cross-town rival Manchester City and became the top of the standings. In this game, there is a surprising figure, which is reportedly determined to leave Manchester United youngster pogba. Pogba bench in the last 18 minutes, is likely to mean that the promising midfielder will stay at Manchester United in the game against West Brom, Rooney scored penalty on 70 minutes, United's passage. Seeing the outcome of Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson immediately summoned, and saved for midweek Europa League second-leg knockout power. Pogba Ferguson replaced Paul Scholes, it is France U19 international substitute in the Premier League for the second time this season, played another three League Cup experience. In the 18-minute performance time, pogba performance satisfactory, caught 18 passes for 17 times in place, passing success rates as high as 94.4%, upfield caught 10 passes for 9 successful, the success rate is 90%, in addition to contributing 1 tackle, 1 rescue, and 2-time off. The Sky Sports after the game to praise the performance of pogba, said his midfield is strong, the daily mail of messages after the game revealed that pogba's accidental debut is likely to mean a 180-degree shift in their contract talks. Earlier, England and Italy media reported that Juventus have basically decided pogba, the latter after the contract expired at the end of the season on a free transfer to Turin. News that pogba's agent MINO Raiola has flown to negotiations with Juventus of Turin, pogba got 20,000 pounds weekly, but MINO Raiola will receive 1.7 million pounds ' worth of commissions.

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