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 Date du message : 19/03/2015
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 Cheap FIFA COINS former World Cup soccer

Leaving the World Cup-final of the champions race, Cheap FIFA COINS former World Cup soccer is fun by watching TV, but naturally felt in the stadium to watch the match is different. To Brazil for three days, came here only to deeply realize football is deeply rooted in Brazil's heart, in their eyes, football is not just a sport, it is entertainment, is also part of life. Football is round of, but in Brazil people eye in football is flat of, because this movement is Brazil people most general and and most favorite of movement, children with football grew up, also and football together spent emotions of life years 12th World Cup Brazil on Netherlands team game, one husband Pro with 2 age of daughter site watching 12th late, in Brazil capital Brasilia National Stadium held compete for third name of game, many people secondary bondage considered Brazil team race back honors of game. Dāng Brazil 1:7 awful team in the final four loss to Germany team, old Joe asked Brazil what people are feeling, Brazil's answer only two words: shame. The night of 12th, and Brazil's 0:3 loss to Netherlands, Brazil human suffering is not as strong, and on his way back to the hotel, ask taxi drivers how to watch the game, touch the face of the driver, that sad, lost nearly 70,000 people in the stadium, over 90% fans are Brazil and Netherlands fans scarce. But in game qin, many Brazil fans and Netherlands fans in together photo souvenir, they in here enjoy of is sports game of competition and star were of style, temporarily of WINS only in history of river in the left shallow of spray, and a shared of sports spirit will encourages people constantly to to more high of target forward Brazil team lost has, seems to they should was fans scolded have dog.

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