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 Date du message : 05/02/2015
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 Chile 20 WINS fifa coins Spain

Throughout the tournament so far, fifa coins upsets occurred in the group stage, as Australia lost 23 to Netherlands, and Iran 01 small bear Argentina, Chile 20 WINS Spain, Costa Rica 10 wins and Italy ... ... Power parity between the teams winning multiple at a ball between the 48 group matches are 29 games was a draw or win in a ball, making the event a suspense not only repeatedly came also suggests strength among the various teams in the close. Really big scores but strong dialogue, Germany 40 win over Portugal and the Netherlands 51 win over Spain. One-eighth finals, vulnerable party always pose drums array, let strength prevail of party nothing; again coupled with like Chile, and Algeria, team is by no means General who, this decided has strength distinct knife State broken of scene no longer appeared he Ottmar Hitzfeld words is has representative: "in arrogance rampage of today, I let players were as to keep calm, this and team by performance out of passion no any of contradictions. Never thought after returning to our communication with the relevant aspects of no results, should say television is a big chunk, including Didier Drogba had said that he could give us very high broadcast ratings, but this revenue is not ours. Tickets, Shanghai's market is here, fan is very high, not to mention Shenhua, are teams like Barcelona that year to Shanghai, there may not be full. If you ticket price has gone up so high, fans were also dissatisfied because the ticket price is the level of the other team.

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