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 Date du message : 31/12/2014
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 Club insisting fair idea about fifa 15 coins

Two nights ago, "Shandong Luneng robbed man" and "hang out" these news appear almost simultaneously, from a network perspective, does not focus on fifa 15 coins the former is weaker than the latter, and even is said to have snatched headlines, senior FA for Shandong Luneng to ignore "national pride" is very angry, and decided to take advantage of this opportunity to impose heavy penalties. Football Association threatened to Luneng Club insisting fair idea about the attitude of the heart, no response or explanation, don't want people rushing, only required the players to concentrate on preparing for, to play well the next couple of League and FA Cup, not to be on the network with the purpose of section affect the mind and undermine morale Football Association is mulling a ticket, how can they consider a solution of the heart to hate. According to the provisional regulations on player transfers, domestic Club if it is not in accordance with the demands of the national team at all levels and 7 will face punishment. Closely watched China's sweep of football gambling black case, the Chinese Football Association's punishment after the results were reported, also received FIFA's official confirmed yesterday. FIFA's Disciplinary Committee Chairman also said that according to relevant regulations, against 58 persons suspension will be extended to the whole world a week ago, the Chinese Football Association Disciplinary Committee anti-gambling crackdown appears to football disciplinary units and individuals were punished. Club aspects, Shanghai Shenhua, and Shandong Luneng, and Tianjin Teda, team punished; personal aspects, 58 people was different degree of ban punishment, which including Yang yimin, and Nan Yong, and Xie Yalong zainei of 33 people was sentenced lifelong ban, Xu Hong, people is ban 5 years punishment results released Hou, FA aspects on said this results will reported to Asia AFC and FIFA yesterday, FIFA official website announced has they of confirmed content: "according to FIFA punishment regulations 78th article 1C paragraph and 136th article FF paragraph, Chairman of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee also signed a global ban.

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