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 Date du message : 13/01/2015
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 Club on the sidelines fifa coins pointing

Site is round 11 winless, domicile is a former head coach with the Club on the sidelines pointing, in recent times, can be described as negative press fifa coins coverage in Qingdao, a chicken the day before yesterday, in Qingdao able to coach long's apartment there is a dispute, a group of unidentified persons tried to Dragon out of his rented accommodation. On the other side after being forced into, wild Dragon select alarm. Earlier, the Club has been officially lifted and Korean coach Chang Wai long contracts. On October 16, the Executive Chairman of the Asian Football Confederation, is China's general administration of Sport Center for international cooperation and Director of the Chinese Football Association Vice President Zhang Jilong will fly to Switzerland FIFA headquarters in Zurich, it is because he has just been appointed Chairman of the FIFA Organizing Committee of the Olympic soccer tournament, chairmanship of FIFA Standing Committee Zhang Jilong becomes "number one" owner of the first Chinese. This appointment signals sent FIFA President Sepp Blatter backed Zhang Jilong, on Zhang Jilong consolidated leadership position in the AFC and he may participate in AFC President's campaign will undoubtedly play a positive action on September 24, Jordan the 5th West Asian Football Confederation Conference in Amman, Qatar delegation speaking on Zhang Jilong halfway. Subsequently, on October 3, which is rejected by the International Court of arbitration for sport announced former AFC President, Qatar who appeal the same day Haman, Qatar Football Association at full denounced Zhang Jilong.

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