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 Date du message : 11/02/2015
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 David Moyes is fifa coins concerned

United's new manager fifa coins David Moyes is concerned, such a defeat has doomed him at Manchester United Premier League disgrace to the history books. Earlier, Everton in the Premier League history has a 21-year period did not take one victory at Old Trafford. "Taffy" on a home win at Manchester United back to the Premier League the first year of the second round of the 1992. After that, Ferguson's team has never lost to Everton in front of home fans. Today, the Red Devils against "Taffy" impressive war record has thus ended I must mention is that Moyes's former club Everton beat Manchester United the team. A more ironic, in charge of Everton, Moyes rates 11 times at Old Trafford, record of 0 WINS and 3 draws and 8 defeats, that is to say he has never been able to lead Everton beat Manchester United at Old Trafford. Now leave Moyes's Everton immediately achieved this feat, and the person sitting on the Manchester United manager Moyes. Does not know looking at Martinez in his hand completed her own unfulfilled dreams, how would Moyers. "And it turns out, Moyers is to much. Martinez did not give David Moyes's Everton the chance, on the contrary, Everton at Old Trafford to celebrate the opportunity for players and coaches is worth mentioning, it's not David Moyes writes for the first time this season the Reds ' shameful record.

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