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 Date du message : 02/02/2015
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 fifa 15 coins make it difficult to achieve

7th morning, Li Ming, fifa 15 coins General Manager of Dalian aerbin Club, Dalian shide General Manager Lin Lefeng, Dalian's Football Club Secretary General Guo arrived at the Chinese Football Association, the two clubs "merge" and related issues with the Chinese Football Association officials for consultations. Due to declarations submitted by default more and some material is not qualified, the Chinese Football Association obliges the two clubs additional material as soon as possible, new declaration. Chinese Football Association made clear that success once the cancellation of Super League qualifications, their players according to the regulations of FIFA will be "free", Albin where unrestricted introduction of shide players wish would make it difficult to achieve. Kevin because in last season's FA Cup final, gave one on Chelsea midfielder Michael Ballack on the ankle, leading Germany Captain missed the World Cup and becomes Germany's public enemies against Serbia Shi, Germany's top scorer Miroslav Klose to eat red recent Kakao in good condition is expected to become the replacement became the first Gong Zheng substitute for Klose. In addition, coach Joachim Loew must tell his players to control the action on the field, had five players carrying a yellow card, Brown once again, even if the team get out of line, will miss 16 in eight key races as far as Ghana, the biggest positive news came from the defensive line, Captain Mensah and her partner, VOSA will return in time, greatly enhanced the team's defensive depth.

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