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 Date du message : 20/01/2015
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 fifa 15 coins the current rules of the game

On February 5, Beijing time, fifa 15 coins according to the United Kingdom BBC reports, FIFA plans to hold Board meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland on March 2, will amend the existing offside rule according to the current rules of the game, a player in an offside position if an opponent player behavior, known as "offside interference" and completely by the referee to decide, which inevitably would cause controversy. Therefore, FIFA asked the international football Board to amend the rules, a clear definition of "offside interference," BBC reported that the new proposals would "offside interference" as "apparently unstoppable opponent vision, or interfere with an opponent to gain possession of the Act". Thus, new rules more refinement has "offside interference" of defines, if said zhiqian of rules only limited to interference other have ball words, now even block vision also was into to offside of category within also, FIFA also confirmed said received has from Denmark FA on punished immoral scored of proposal, its causes is this season Champions League group game Donetsk miners against Denmark FC Nordsjaelland of game in the, miners of Brazil striker Adriano will teammate kicked returned to FC Nordsjaelland goalkeeper of ball scored goal, Sparked controversy because of the current rules do not expressly prohibited under the terms of these goals, but from a sportsmanship standpoint, this goal is clearly unethical, it can be said this is a loophole in existing rules.

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