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 Date du message : 03/03/2015
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 fifa 15 coins turned and shot just over

United's first chance to score fifa 15 coins in the 11th after the opening minutes, but Jones ' close range header be countered by Samir handanovic fabulous. The first 18 minutes, Rooney outside the box, turned and shot just over. Thereafter their shot at Mata also poses a threat to inter on goal, but in the end are not tearing the defence from both sides in the first half, 0:0 of the score did not change sides again, both teams made personnel adjustments, van Gaal replaced eight starters in one breath. On 72 minutes, inter core Defender Nemanja Vidic was substituted by Marco Andreolli, courtside for him with warm applause from the audience, then Nani shot blasting with unguarded in the penalty area, and Juan Pablo Carrizo it away from. On 77 minutes, second-half substitute Nani Hernandez replaced by Louis van Gaal. Towards the end of the game, United's players have been foul, players are unhappy with referee, eventually the two sides showed no contributions, Ashley young first on stage game into shootout penalty kicks a penalty, hit his shot firmly, then forest's penalty kick deceived goalkeeper into the net. Since then Mr Hernández, chungu Mwila, Cleverley, Vicky treadell, Kagawa hit a penalty kick, while inter's fourth appearance of Marco Andreolli will be the ball hit the crossbar. Possible to score wins final round Manchester United, Fletcher delivered the ball into the United won by a 5-3 score.

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