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 Date du message : 19/03/2015
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 fifa coins bubble into husband

Apparently, 3 years qin King boss fifa coins full nation wishes Howe throwing 500 million Yuan sponsored China football, is because suffered pit Dad of China FA and lamb didn't eat with, pour provoked has covered sheep Sao gas of disappointed experience and no let old King from on looked foot helplessly, is may instead provoked has the Sichuan man of fight, is determined to to in football aspects play out some tricks to, so-called girls bubble into husband. Not that money? In million up homes line success listed, and every day a word trading, and Alibaba is suffered various sniper hu, King Uncle again back China richest man title, 1 billion euro y mired in Europe pig crisis of European people is astronomical, but only Wang Shoufu personal assets of a fraction, wet wet water la in 2011 "response national call", returned to once let Wang anger and left of China football sh, the by football started of real estate businessman does has over 10 years time not into, even not statements foot, visible pain of cut, and hate of deep. But when Liu adhering to the acquisition will considerably, hospitality here to tea, cordially invite King boss "do me a little favor", the gracious old King is to forgive, returned to make him happy he is indignant Chinese football, with 500 million checks. But Wang was not Xu ming, he worked with political leaders is a friendship or relationship between political and business partnership, rather than a side under the leadership of Treasurer or even retainers. Wang also maintain independent personalities also warned: 3 years, starting with 3 years, if he sees hope that cooperation continues, otherwise I just removed 3 years after the last June, maintained in all media, "radio silence", rather than in the much-hyped rapport, Football Association and Wanda did not renew their contracts, nor did he send a divorce announcement.

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