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 fifa coins consists of a single bubble

Among them, Tencent has fifa coins obtained the right to nest live. Chinese audience also consists of a single bubble in front of the TV to watch, you can relax watching the World Cup on the Internet, which is jokingly referred to as Delivery Network, content distribution networks. From technology Shang full solution due to network bandwidth small, and user access volume big, and dot distribution not equal causes, caused of user access website of response speed slow of problem so, what how through network experience World Cup does? let we to Tencent for cases, hands-on with you experience network Shang of World Cup Tencent World Cup network platform provides has video, and real-time data and micro Bo phase combines of live experience. Although the BBC's broadcast schedule has long been condemned by the England team, was the team's Chief Executive, Anson described directly as: "sensationalism", "unpatriotic", and even the United Kingdom Government has weighed in, that he does not want BBC broadcast on the eve of the show. However, stressed "they of decided thing shut public interests", BBC also is bound to Yu yesterday broadcast has this period name for "FIFA dirty secret" of program in BBC this a program broadcast Qian, will Yu December 2 participation voting of Executive has by 24 people was forced to reduced to 22 people, and this also is due to United Kingdom media excavations out of "bribery door" scandal, forced FIFA cleanup portal. At that time, the England bid team anxiously carried out a public relations crisis, wrote to FIFA, looks forward to each other not because of this exposure made its bid for the British media were affected.

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