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 fifa coins expenditure involving

FIFA has specified the company fifa coins is solely responsible for marketing World Cup matches to some of the world's top brands. In addition, the ISL also recorded from the sale of World Cup TV rights, invincible. ISL how great the company is the ability to get so fat is hard to judge whether, but a list of 175 items, expenditure involving about 100 million dollars of the confidential documents show that 3 present members of the FIFA Executive Committee had collected in 1989 and 1999, bribery is a done deal involved the largest amount of is Brazil Football Federation President Ricardo Teixeira. Returned to the cast system has urged domestic Professional League referee, optimizing the allocation of resources, in the Chinese football association under the condition of strengthening local referee training, Super figure for foreign referees will inevitably reduce FIFA recognized CFA registered international referee list at the beginning of this year. Male referees, Tan Hai, and Fan Qi, Wang di, and Wang Zhe, Fu Ming, Shi Zhenlu, MA Ning, 7 judges to obtain international referee qualification, another hopeful, Huo Weiming 9 judge international Assistant Referee qualifications. According to the Chinese Football Association has just announced the 2014 season League referees list, a total of 49 referees (REF 24) permitted to be hyper-enforcement, 53 referees allowed to law enforcement in the League but due to a massive influx of foreign referee National League competition the past few years, young local referees to be honed without adequate exercise, and the Chinese Football Association has decided to increase the intensity of local referees this season.

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