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 Date du message : 31/12/2014
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 fifa coins reason is this two institutions

According to Brazil media yesterday reported, Brazil Pernambuco consumers Association day to FIFA and signed ticketing company Match sentenced 1 fifa coins million Thunder Asia, (about collection 425,000 dollars) fine, reason is this two institutions in this year of Federation Cup during to local fans purchased game tickets brings has trouble in this year 6 July between held of Federation Cup during, dozens of name fans found Brazil lawyer Association, said its purchased votes Shi paid of is distance game site very near seat of fare, But eventually got the vote is far from the venues of tickets, and they cannot sit together with its companions. Bar Association believe that FIFA and Match seat position is not properly informed the fans of the company, so in July formally filed an appeal to the consumers ' Association consumers Association said that FIFA and Match the company violated consumer protection laws, according to the law, all consumers have the right to receive "appropriate, clear information on different services and products, in particular the quantity, characteristics, composition, quality, and price of tax risk." Announced on December 16 that FIFA and the Match in the 10th of their paying 500,000 reais (about us $ 212,500) fine, because both did not appeal, they will have to pay this fine Pernambuco State Bar President Enrique said: "we want the law to everyone, FIFA can no longer ignore the provisions of the consumer protection act.

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