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 Date du message : 18/12/2014
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  fifa coins seeps through the family

Brazil vulnerable rearguard encountered Netherlands two Shiv, I look at the hanging fire, too. Peter Pan and the "key player" love is thin, but get some net game, that's stopped stopped less than sharp. fifa coins This regrettable loss to Argentina, not to bring this out to Brazil, and may also not like the Germans as whole blood seeps through the family, small victories can still drop.

Qatar after winning the right to host the World Cup, suffered an unprecedented challenge for the Western media. Yesterday, United Kingdom the mirror broke irreparably said, because Qatar is located in the desert, summer temperatures will be close to 50, Qatar people hope that the World Cup will change in January, the winter of Qatar bid to host the World Cup commitments, will be to install air-conditioning systems at 12 Stadium, makes constant temperature at 27, but the players ' training and residence does not have a thermostatic protection. FIFA's technical spokesman also said even trained at high temperature, the physical condition of the players are not guaranteed, syncope and sudden death is likely to occur, and so on.

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