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 Date du message : 20/12/2014
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 fifa coins with Asia national together

After two days of the Conference discussion, FIFA has finally determined the South Africa's World Cup places on Asia and Oceania regions have a total of 5 participants, Asia accounted fifa coins for 4.5 seats, and Oceania has 0.5 seats, additional game will in two a continents Zhijian for from surface Shang view, both of total places is are is 5 a, and last World Cup no any difference, but due to Australia has official joined Asia AFC, will will with Asia national together playing qualifier, so Asia national also will by major effects in Australia joined Asia AFC zhihou, this year Germany World Cup actually has o, and day, and Han, and Iraq, and sand, five support team participate in, Australia of performance best, playing into 16 strong , While the other four Asian teams are in the group stage was eliminated. Australia has a number of internationals playing for the European, and strength for all to see, and seize the Asian qualification places should have no problem direct qualification places in Asia also will reduce, the original is only half of qualification places in Oceania, and against South America v, if Australia and New Zealand played very well and they have the opportunity to participate in South Africa's World Cup. In Australia strength most strong of situation Xia, Asia up also on only 4 a 4 support team outlet, and according to original of programme, Asia in has 4 a directly outlet places of situation Xia, at least fifth name also has with in the North America fourth name playing additional game of opportunities, on Asia of effects obvious due to strength by limited, in o, and day, and Han, and sand, and Iraq Asia five strong status solid of situation Xia, team wants to towards 4 a directly of outlet places difficulty is too big, and now by plagued maximum of also is FIFA ranking.

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