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 Date du message : 26/01/2015
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 FIFA is just an object cheap fifa coins of criticism

FIFA World Cup it is a proper noun, cheap fifa coins used to say the "World Cup" is the abbreviation for this combination. However, in some people's eyes, the World Cup fan Festival in the world, and FIFA is just an object of criticism, not the big event like the World Cup, into the too much money and emotional joys and ups and downs in and out of meetings and partings, FIFA will inevitably become the focus is. With the World Cup effect increasing FIFA need to do most is to keep improving and maintaining the world order strength and authority required for any international organization. Correspondent for international football rule-making international football Board, Beijing time yesterday morning and a formal decision will provide the goal referee trial promotion to next season's Champions League. Concern topic based electronic eye on the goal line, will be discussed at the October meeting. This 9 items events except Champions League outside, also including Asia AFC President Cup, and France League Cup, and Brazil and Mexico domestic game and European Super Cup goal referee game Shi station in goal near, to help referee for area within of foul and whether scored made accurate judge South Africa World Cup of some errors fined, makes players, and fans requirements FIFA added goal electronic eye of calls again high, Council said, will in October of Conference Shang discussion goal electronic eye of topic.

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