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 Date du message : 07/03/2015
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 fut coins pain of phenomenon

Manchester United is fut coins going through the team's worst injury blow, previously the worst of it, as many as 10 players forced to Truce, after many days, Manchester United's injury situation has not improved, in the 2-1 win over Everton at the weekend, and two players down, and again Lu Kexiao just healing injuries, substitute on 71 minutes by Blackett. Except Luke Shaw outside, United also has a name wounded, but he is game Hou diagnosis out of, United Kingdom media insight offside News said, in the Defender Mike NE, appeared leg reinforced pain of phenomenon, after scan Hou found, he of leg reinforced injured, if not appeared accident words, McNair will truce 3 week, this for United for, can not what good son recently a time, United in the Defender all fell, Phil Jones, and Smalling and Evans to now are also with hurt, Blackett too Frizz, in United away 3 5 having received a red card in the defeat to Leicester in the Premier League because of four guards sustained injuries in the first team, coach Louis van Gaal was forced to use in the 2-1 win over West Ham's game central defenders of the McNair and Rojo! If not United line team in the Defender all absent, McNair absolute impossible completed Premier first show, as Rojo, coach van Gaal to he of location is left Defender, and non-in the Defender, is this injuries frenzy Xia, United coach was forced to select such of in the Defender combination temporary a with, but temporary combination also faced disbanded fortunately future two week is international game day, Phil Jones, and Evans and Smalling, three name in the Defender has time to recovery, if they three name players cannot normal comeback, When the Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal got enough players difficult.

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