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 Lisbon city near the fifa coins industrial district

Helps Chinese national men's team in the 2001 World Cup qualifying match were "last line", is one of Dreamwork Zhang Jilong. And then the fifa coins tournament in 44 years successfully into the World Cup finals for the first time after losing the election results after highly-expected Zhang Jilong, I was also surprised. During the course of election preparations, Chinese football association that he and his back, has been well prepared. Luis Figo, was born on November 4, 1972 in Almada, Lisbon city near the industrial district. In his childhood, he was a named "pasidiliyasi", street soccer play. Until the age of 11 when he had signed on to join the local powerhouse Athletic Club, where he stayed until the age of 22. Kuwait media also lashed out at Harman, and AFC seems to smoke is something "happy" is, the Chinese Football Association and were not involved in the AFC the tussle, both Haman and plies who had the last laugh, Chinese football will not be first to suffer. Was was helpless of is, China concerned absent this field infighting actually is not intended: since Harman served as Asia AFC President zhihou, China FA in Asia of status steadily declined, currently in Asia AFC core led layer, again also find not to competent of China FA officials "Zhang jianqiang, and LU are had has is good of opportunities in Asia AFC served, but we of led on these things" see have is light ". "Sources told reporters that" always think his position is very high at that time, AFC's words, in fact, in recent years the football diplomacy failed.

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