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 Date du message : 26/12/2014
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 Messi on the honour list fifa 15 coins

From these data we can see Messi on the honour list is a bit ahead of Ronaldo, doesn't have any advantages, the World Cup will be opened their gap of the fifa 15 coins watershed. Coincidentally, as the captain of their national team, two of them in the team's performance in their respective countries in collaboration with the Club's performance is a far cry from. To some extent, World Cup honors as both of them the road to King's last bastion of world football's record of the year (2012-91), single season scoring record (2011-2012 73), League scoring record (in 21 games) ... ... Messi Barcelona goal like dirt, individual awards and honorary life got soft.

Adidas is Germany the exclusive sponsor of the national team, in addition to gaining sponsorship of the one-third teams, and is the official sponsor of the FIFA, authorized supplier and equipment dealers. Therefore, including referees, caddy, volunteers and other staff of sports products and on the field of outdoor advertising, adidas Logo will appear. In the 2006 Germany World Cup, adidas sales surpass the 10 billion euro mark for the first time, to 10.084 billion euros, only football income more than 1.2 billion euros but adidas does not have an easy time lately.

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