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 Date du message : 02/02/2015
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 the world\'s first star player fifa coins xbox

None of us can fifa coins xbox deny that today's semi-final battle, Argentina has been able to win risks, the biggest key is, the world's first star player Lionel Messi! Hey, seemed to have nothing spiffy, Macy's, in addition to a penalty, this down and don't see what he can do for you! Oh, Macy's values do you think just in front of goal, underestimate the power of Messi Golden Ball award. Seen Messi football fans around the world, although there are many but more is heard of the name pseudo fan, it can be said that if in Europe, Messi's power star leader, but the big stage of the World Cup, Macy's iconic roles more. Simply put, because Lionel Messi this Idol existed, the world will have more people staying up late to watch the game, so that FIFA will be able to earn more pot full fist, the more money rolling in to the next World Cup. Isla and Silva anti jam caused by two defenders, and alankuisi focus on care, neymar impressive game. Throughout the game the Player 7 attempts, but only had 1 successful. In contrast, neymar's Barcelona team-mate Sanchez through it 6 times 5 times success. According to statistics, this is the 6th in the 16 first-round matches penalties, equivalent to 1 out of every 3-game penalty. Careful analysis of these 6 penalty is not difficult to find, Brazil team, Uruguay team, Germany and Algeria have had it 4 a penalty because the Defender grabbing lead in the penalty area. Although the 4 defensive players pulling each other's dynamics are different, there may be a small amount of touch, while others are large, cuddling, but current referee notices.

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