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 Date du message : 19/03/2015
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 Wildstar gold buy defeat in Germany

Before long World Cup history, Wildstar gold buy Argentina and Germany called a pair of arch-rival. In the World Cup, the two teams played 6 times, Germany team 3 won 2, drawn 1, lost scored 11 goals in 5 games. Fighting in World Cup history, two traditional teams almost always meet classic races the last two World Cup Germany, Argentina team lost. Last World Cup match, Maradona led Argentina team 0:4 in one-fourth finals defeat in Germany, further ahead four years, Argentina is in the same one-fourth finals losing to Germany, but only after a shootout tiebreaker. Worth noting is that in both matches, Klose scored 3 goals while engaging fully in the near future at a disadvantage, but the Argentina team need not sell ourselves short. Experience in the World Cup finals the last two Germany teams, Argentina has very good people. In 1986 in Mexico at the World Cup finals, Argentina had a two-goal lead Germany team, subsequently dogged the Germans equalised, but Jorge burruchaga scored before the game was over in Argentina who lifted the World Cup trophy. Four years hu in Italy, two team again in finals shng meet, Caniggia due to suspended absent, Maradona with hurt play, Argentina team with solid of defensive hopes put game drag into penalty war, Monzon and D zuǒ d in second half has was sent off, and game ended qin, Germany team obtained has a has still has controversy of penalty, Bremer main penalty hits, Germans finally revenge success was Bremer penalty winner hu, Argentina football entered long of hu Maradona era, until Messi of appeared. 27 year old Lionel Messi in Barcelona has won too many honors, and one block away from the real world Cup trophy.

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