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 Date du message : 26/01/2015
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 World Cup is just beginning as influential

Half of the successful opening cheap fifa coins ceremony for the games is successful, and a form for the World Cup is just beginning as influential as, take a look at impact. Games to by all range of widely known, almost all people are has himself like of Olympic project, even not like sports, also will on national this area Gold Medal list interested in, this point World Cup is cannot compared of; from TV audience of passengers number see, due to 2008 Beijing Games of TV audience passengers information no check to (was estimated over 4 billion), took 2004 Athens Games and 2006 Germany World Cup compared, respectively is: billion passengers (some articles said is 50 billion, Should is more wrote has a 0), and billion passengers; site audience, games of game games and audience number to over World Cup, but games game is preliminaries finals together held, if World Cup plus preliminaries stage of audience passengers, is is games by cannot par of; integrated other news channel, concern Olympic of people than concern football of people more is not race of facts, and concern football of people at least also a species degree Shang concern Games football game. On the scope, the Olympic Games would appear to have the upper hand, but from the influence of other factors affect the extent, Olympic Games and World Cup fever pitch is unparalleled.

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